Product specific design specifications

Each product on our website has its own product design specifications.

It is important that these design specifications are adhered to, otherwise it will affect the product your receive, or if it is not printable then it will delay your product until we can revise the artwork to make it printable.

We may automatically resize your PDF to the product size for you to make it printable. You should be able to proof the document prior to uploading.

The product specifcations will look like:


Safe area



General design specifications

All of our products have a design specification. 

Crop marks

Print is usually grouped together and printed on large sheets with gaps in between. This is then guillotined down to the flat finished size of the product before folding. Crop marks are visible marks on the large sheets for where the guillotine operator should cut the sheets. When you submit artwork for printing with us you should omit crop marks, as they are added by our software and processes during production.

Why do i need to add bleed?

Printing machines and print finishing equipment, like other machines, have tolerances for the production of print products. For instance when a guillotine cuts paper to the finished size the paper may slightly move, and it may have already had variation in the exact location of the print on the sheets (from fractionally different paper sizes, moisture and many other variables).

So that is effectively invisible to the reader of the document we need to create a version of the print that allows for this tolerance. Without the tolerance the guillotine may cut just outside of the finished page and so leave a white line – that would really draw the eye – along one side of the document. This is avoided by extending the colour and photos by 3mm across the expected cut line. Then if the cut is, say, 1mm to the left the page still contains the colour or photo to the edge of the page.

Safe area

The same reasons we require bleed to extend the page requires us to to the mirror of that on the inside of the edge of the page. The safe area is usually 5mm inside of the finished page (8mm from the edge of a PDF that includes 3mm for the bleed). That allows the tolerance for the printing machines, but more than that, if the page is offset to the left by 1mm then the reader will likely not notice as the page will still look balanced. 

How to prepare your file for a printer, What's the difference between bleed, trim, and safe area


What is a bleed?

We need you to add a 3mm bleed to your artwork.

The bleed is on all four sides. So if the finished unfolded size of your product is A4 (which is 210x297mm) then we require a PDF that is 216x303mm.


Can I correct my artwork?

We all make mistakes! We’ll work together to fix them when we can.

It is very important that you ensure that you have checked your artwork against our specifications and made sure everything in the design is correct before you upload it. Some of our processes are automated and will have already begun work with your artwork seconds after you have uploaded it.

Please do get in touch as soon as you know there is a problem on 0161 833 3670 so that where necessary we can pause production. Once that has happened we can advise on how to submit revised artwork or reorder. Usually replacing the artwork will reset the turnaround time for your products as though they were a new order.


How do I order?

Ordering is easy. Choose the product you want from the menu at the top of the page below our logo.

Each product will have their own set of options you will need to choose from. Typically these will include the product size, quantity and how quickly you want to receive the product.

Most products have a counter showing when you will receive your order if you upload your artwork by the deadline shown. Where there isn’t a counter the turnaround (how quickly you will receive your chosen product) will be in the product specification.

Once you are happy with the options you have chosen add that product to your basket. You can the process above for as many products as you would like before you check out.

When you begin checking out you will be asked for your delivery details, and depending on which products you have chosen you will have some further shipping options.

Next you will enter your payment details and upload your artwork and will receive a confirmation email for the order.

Can I cancel an order?

We all change our mind, or realise we should have ordered a slightly different product!

Once you have placed an order and received a confirmation we have entered a contract to supply you with your chosen products in return for the payment you have made.

If you would like to cancel your order you should call 0161 833 3670 with your order number as quickly as possible. We will try and halt production of your products and allow you to cancel the order where we are able. Sometimes it is too late to prevent the products being produced. We will take you through your options and try and work out the best way to minimise the cost to you.

We do reserve the right to retain an administration charge of £10 to cover our expenses.